Community, Live Events, and Masterminds focused on building businesses, investing, and living financially free.

“Networking On Steroids”


A mastermind? A conference? A party? A membership?

The answer is that it is a little bit of all of them.

Almost 2 decades ago a small group of entrepreneurs got together to discuss “what’s working now” … that event was so valuable we decided to do it every year. Since then, the community has grown for everyday entrepreneurs looking for new strategies, good ideas, and even better friends.

Beer & Pancakes is a silly name… for a life-changing experience.

Connect with like-minded people… Meet successful entrepreneurs… all without the pretentious “professional” meetups. Your family might be judgemental… but we are not.

Accountability, Support, And Advice From Entrepreneurial Peers Who "Get It"

Connecting active & motivated entrepreneurs for over 15 years.


Beer & Pancakes Playa Del Carmen
February 19 – 23, 2024

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


The Beer & Pancakes community began in 2007 as
a small meetup of like-minded entrepreneurs and investors who wanted to get together and share business and life hacks. Over time, the community grew and now has 2 annual meetups where we gather like an annual family reunion where all are welcome.



Friends for life, solutions to business problems, perspective, new skills, and a network of entrepreneurs you can trust and enjoy being around.

Some folks have said we are the cure for the entrepreneurial loneliness plague.

Want To Attend A
Beer & Pancakes

All our events are carefully curated. Join us for business growth, friendship, and fun!


Tickets for live events are first-come-first-serve. We have extremely limited spaces (often no more than 60) and if the tickets are sold out, you’re only shot is to write into [email protected] to get on the waiting list.

If you’re on this site now, click “Tickets” and purchase one for the next event. You’ll then be redirected to the hotel and accomodations via email.

Tickets to all Beer & Pancakes events are non-refundable.  If you cannot attend, you can sell your ticket to another attendee, but you must get approval by email allowing the change. You can email at [email protected].


Beer & Pancakes Events are open to everyone… however… you might not have a life-changing experience if a.) you don’t have a business and/or don’t want to start one… or b.) have no sense of humor.

The B&P tribe are entrepreneurs who hail from every corner of the globe. Every race, sex, and religion is often represented at each event. We often light-heartedly tease each other for those things because we’re a family. You are invited. But please understand what you’re getting into. If you are easily offended, aren’t an entrepreneur, or have never left the comfort of a Wal-Mart… this event is probably not for you. 

The typical attendee of a B&P event is an entrepreneur or investor who is looking for reach higher levels of achievement in his/her business and personal life. They may be early in their entrepreneurial journey or seasoned vets, but all B&P attendees share a common trait: Desire for growth and improvement.  Most of our attendees have 7 figure business, some have sold one or more company and many are in hard core hustle mode.

Yes, absolutely. In fact, we encourage it so that you are all on the same page. He/she will need their own ticket of course.

For our larger event, many attendees bring their spouse and some even bring kids.  It is a resort and the kids will love it. Keep in mind you will need a guest experience ticket for your spouse and any kids over 16 years old if they wish to participate in the private dinners, excursions or activities.  Some attendees have brought their teenage or young adult kids as full attendees as well to get them involved in entrepreneurship. We love to see the young faces join for the event.

Short answer, yes. No exceptions. You are required to stay at the event location for all events. Even if you live across the street from the resort where the event takes place, you are still required to stay at the resort. This is intentional and you’ll understand why after you join your first B&P.  You are also required to be part of our hotel room block since we have negotiated a discounted rate that includes lots of extras not provided to regular guests.


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